Twitch Streamer | Brand Refresh

The Winzler Gaming Twitch streamer brand refresh project aimed to rejuvenate and elevate the brand identity of the streamer, with the goal of attracting a larger audience and enhancing engagement. The objective was to create a visually captivating and cohesive brand that aligns with the streamer’s gaming content and personality.

The project commenced with a comprehensive analysis of Winzler Gaming’s existing brand presence, including their visual assets, messaging, and target audience perception. This evaluation provided valuable insights into areas for improvement and opportunities for brand growth.

Collaborating closely with the streamer, a dedicated design team embarked on redefining the brand elements. This involved crafting a new logo, selecting an impactful color palette, curating suitable typography, and creating other visual assets that would establish a fresh and distinct brand identity.


My Responsibilities

  • Developed responsive designs for web and mobile interfaces and worked with developers to ensure the accurate implementation of designs.



  • Design – Adobe XD & Illustrator


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